Earn up to 100% of booking value

The World’s First

The next evolution of travel

A new chapter of your journey empowered by Locanation’s native token and NFTs

This is the first time in the world that travelers will receive up to 100%
of booking value just by making a booking with us.

We create demand for specific destinations, and deliberately refrains
from acting as a value-capturing intermediatory.

Incentivize to travel

Low commission fees

Effective loyalty program

Open communication

Community driven

How to earn up to 100%
of booking value?

Enable Traveler’s NFT
to earn more LOCA

Travel to selected
destination with Travel
Chapter multiplier

Enjoy compelling rewards

Game changer that benefits the whole travel industry

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are an important
distribution channel for most hotels, however, OTAs
pass on unnecessary costs onto travelers through
bloated profit margins and hidden fees. This is
because the monopolies over online travel booking.
Also, there is a clause in OTAs contract commonly referred to as 'Price parity'. Price parity prevents
hotels from offering a lower price elsewhere on the internet. This makes hotels unable to offer a lower
price even without commission fee.
Small hotels lose out over larger companies and
customers pay more for less.
1 st October 2022

PHUKET BETA Launch The First Island







Days Hours Minutes
Phuket Beta Launch

Bin tribe consists of young birds acting as LOCA's finder to enrich

their homeland.

A collective of Bin called 'Globetrotter' is on the mission to go out

of the island and travel around the world to collect LOCA back to

feed FUMU for the survival of the island.

Globetrotter' marks the first island to go as what we called

Phuket and assume to arrive on the Q4 2022.


Cashback Multiple

Up to 100% cashback for each booking


Oct-Dec 2022 or until Travel Credit pool fully utilized

Amount LOCA given

1,000,000 LOCA inject in Travel Credit Pool

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